Dwight Howard's Waffle House order could feed a small family - SI.com

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[For The carbon waffle maker Win]

In total amount, the meal came out to merely under a thousand calories, baseding on MyFitneesPal's calculator, which with any luck waffle hotdog maker sufficed to maintain Howard complete until lunchtime rolled about.

That was not enough to satisfy the large man however, as he likewise got the chain's name waffle to round off the dish.

The Rockets center started points off with a T-bone steak as well as scrambled which waffle maker eggs for morning meal, exchanging out the hash browns for a dish of grits to accompany his two items black & decker waffle maker of toast.

At 6'11," 275 extra pounds, Dwight Howard needs a great deal much more cheap waffle maker food to fuel his physical body compared to the typical individual, yet even taking that into consideration the dimension of his order on a recent trip to the Waffle House appears severe.

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